For more than 100 years, travelers on Hwy. 69 have slowed in their journey north of the village of Monticello, Wisconsin to admire the beauty and grace of the registered Brown Swiss herd at Voegeli Farms.  Centuries of withstanding the rigors of life rooted high in the alpine pastures of Switzerland have contributed to the hearty physique of these cows.  Ranging from buff, to fawn colored, to warm shades of darker brown, these bovine beauties aren’t just the dairy poster girls of the rural landscape.  These are working cows producing superior milk – the quintessential ingredient in a superior Wisconsin cheese.
When the original Swiss settlers set down their steamer trunks and decided to call the rolling hills of Green County their home in the 1850’s, hard-working farmer and fellow immigrant Jost Voegeli wasn’t far behind.  After the downfall of wheat farming in the area, the industrious Swiss fell back on their skills as cheesemakers.  As luck would have it, Jost had put his roots down in a region perfect for pasturing cattle - a region that would first become known as the Swiss cheese capital of the United States, and more recently heralded as the epicenter of Wisconsin cheesemaking.
Five generations later, Jost’s legacy continues as his children’s children rise at dawn to milk their prized herd of registered Brown Swiss.  The Voegeli Family is also in the exporting business of Brown Swiss genetics to more than 35 countries.
When Jost’s grandson, Howard, speculated that cheese made exclusively from the milk of their Brown Swiss cows would produce a distinctive cheese, artisan cheesemaker Silvan Blum agreed, and Braun Suiss Kase was born.  This is a cheese that is unrivaled taste - buttery, rich, silky.
Experience the Voegeli Family legacy.  Taste the pride, and taste just a little bit of Switzerland right here in Wisconsin – with Braun Suisse Kase cheese.
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